Christmas Break!


Ava VanAmburg

Christmas is right around the corner. Everyone loves Christmas break. From all the food, to the presents, to the food, to everything. Christmas is always December 25 and Christmas break starts for Penns Valley on December 23. Everyone has different traditions during Christmas. Here are a few from this article.

From Christmas Piñatas in Mexico to Brooms and Mops in Norway. Or the Christmas Pickle in Germany and Roller Skating in Venezuela. During Christmas, people usually gather around with family and have dinner and then on Christmas day family and friends open presents from the tradition of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is someone who brings presents from the North Pole with the help of his workers, the elves.

During Christmas break is when snow is often at its peak and children go outside and play in the snow. Playing in the snow was the best feeling in the world knowing you go sledding down that huge hill and hope you go flying. Another fun thing to do is to build a snowman. Building a snowman was also the best thing to do as you wanted to make the biggest one in the community so everyone could see it. The traditional snowman would have a carrot as its nose, rocks as its eyes and buttons, sticks as its arms, a hat and a scarf.

You can do a bunch of different things during Christmas break. So, who can’t wait for Christmas Break?