Breakfast for Dinner?


Breakfast for dinner is an interesting concept. Eating a typical breakfast food for dinner? Very strange. Perhaps this seems almost taboo because breakfast is usually a sweeter meal, with syrups and fruits and pastries, while dinner tends to be savory. Or maybe it is simply because our brains associate things like waffles or pancakes with early morning, so to eat these things in the evening or night can almost be shocking.
To find out students from Penns Valley’s thoughts on breakfast for dinner, I interviewed Connor Kelly to find out what he thinks. Here’s what he had to say: “I think that breakfast for dinner should be a staple part of our society in the upcoming recession and the years following the pandemic. I think more relaxation is needed in this country in these times of need and trouble. Together we can intervene in the predetermined societal habits of our fathers and mothers before us, and strive to make a better world for our kin.”
Perhaps he is on to something. Breakfast does seem more casual and creates a sense of comfort for many people. Maybe we should consider eating more breakfast foods for dinner. While maybe it should not be an everyday thing, to switch up what you have for dinner isn’t a bad idea. Certainly, adding breakfast for dinner can offer variety, and usually is a fairly balanced meal. Carbs with things like waffles, or french toast, fruit with strawberries or grapes or blueberries, protein with bacon or eggs, and dairy with cheese or a glass of milk. Admittedly, you most likely wouldn’t be getting your vegetables, but you could always get your daily dose at lunch or as snacks during the day.