Christmas Time Shenanigans!


Heath Senator

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays! Christmas is always on December 25. It is right before the new year. After Thanksgiving, everyone begins to get in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is during the winter season so you can expect to see a lot of winter decor. Many people have lots of different traditions for Christmas such as elf on the shelf and leaving cookies, and milk out for Santa.

A lot of people on Christmas Eve will go to church and my family comes home after church and opens a new set of pajamas every year. another tradition that we have is that we each strudel on Christmas day before we yes open presents. Another tradition that I and my family have is that on Christmas Eve we have seafood gumbo before we go to church. I know that many other families have many other traditions, such as maybe eating Christmas ham or maybe even a turkey. Another tradition that many people have is that they will hide a pickle in their tree and the first person that finds it gets to either take the first president to open it or gets a special gift.

Before people believe in Santa they had another person named old Saint Nick and you used to leave out your boots and shoes for him to put presents in candy in. Now many people and their kids believe in Santa and that always makes a fun thing to have during this festive season. Have a great Christmas everyone!