Winter Sport: Basketball!


Ava VanAmburg

The winter sport, basketball, is back into action! Starting off right the Lady Rams have had 3 games already against East Juniata, Williamsburg, and Lewisburg. The Lady Rams crushed East Juniata 52-20 but crushed against Williamsburg 33-61 and Lewisburg 29-37. The Lady Rams have a huge potential this year as they have 5 seniors this year and ready to kick butt! To look up stats from both the Lady Rams and The Rams, click here

Next up the Rams have had 2 games against East Juniata and Boalsburg. Unfortunately they fell against them both with East Juniata 26-31 and Boalsburg 58-61. The Rams have a game today December 12, 2022 against Huntingdon. The Rams have 4 seniors this year and hopefully get their butts back into action! 

The Lady Rams biggest opponent this year from Skylar Fleshman, a senior at Penns Valley, states, “Hollidaysburg is definitely going to be our biggest opponent and will be hard this year but we have potential of beating them. And we will beat them.” A year and a half ago, Hollidaysburg has been in our league and is the biggest opponent in every sport. This year, the Penns Valley Rams will beat their biggest rival, Hollidaysburg. 

From a good start from the Lady Rams and a slow but eventually good start from the Rams, basketball is a one of a kind sport that encourages people to come out and support and to have a fun time! As a senior who enjoys watching my friends play other sports, it’s always a fun time with the student section and all the games that my fellow seniors play.