How To Get Straight A’s Without a Ruller

          PV just started your second half of the school year and you know that if you do not get all A’s your parents will be mad at you. Well, I am here to help. There are a few things that can help you get straight A’s. One thing that can help you get straight A’s is being organized. Another way to get straight A’s is to know when things are happening. Lastly, not being a procrastinator can help get straight A’s. 


         Organization doesn’t come naturally. That’s why some people are very dirty and unorganized. If you’re not clean or organized you will lose things (school work), which will become missing work that you’ll have to start all over again. But here are organizational tips that will keep you cleaner. Binders can be your best friend for being organized you can have an A.M. binder and a P.M. binder. Folders are the bomb. They can organize your binder. What I would suggest would be to label them for your classes and one for homework. One thing I see is a lot of kids who shove their Chromebook bags with papers and important homework. This makes me kind of frustrated because there are a lot of resources that you can use to make it more organized.


        Knowing what’s going on in your classes can help you a lot. Knowing your grades can also help. You may get bad grades if you don’t know what’s going on in your classes and your teacher might tell you something is going to be due and you had no idea it was due. Well, if you look at things like a homework board it will tell you when things are due. It is great

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for you to check your grades because if you do not check them you will not know if they are good or bad. This will help you know if you need to get your grades up. Checking once a week will give you good enough knowledge to know your grades and how they doing. To find your grades go to Skyward or click here


          Procrastination is really hard to get over. Procrastination is putting something off that is important. Lots of people deal with procrastination. It is very hard to get straight A’s when you procrastinate. Just get it done when someone gives you something to do.  One of my best strategies is to get the worst of the things done first and get all of the easy things done last. It will be a lifesaver. When you do not procrastinate you will have better grades because you’ll have more time to work on the assignment.


         In conclusion, It is very hard to get straight A’s but with the right resources you can get straight A’s easily. straight A’s can be easier when you use organization and know when things are due, look at your grades, and also do not procrastinate. Mike Ssendikwanawa once said, “Grades, good or bad, don’t define you but you need good grades Because they’ll grant you opportunities bad grades can not.”