The Aftermath of Winter Break


Ava VanAmburg

After one whole week of Christmas break it’s time to go back to school. Everyone’s sleep schedule is messed up, no one wants to get up so early, their bed is nice and comfy. This is a typical routine for teenagers after winter break. Everyone always says, “it goes so fast”. Well, it does. Unfortunately, it’s what we have to do. After winter break is over, there are no more breaks to look forward to. 

The next best break to look forward to is graduation. Yes, graduation. The time where seniors “CAN’T WAIT” to go out into the world and become free from these horrible high school years. But, besides the point, winter break is where the halfway mark for the school year is. This is the time when the second semester starts and everyone is so excited! New classes, new people, and 5 more months to go until graduation. 

After a week from winter break, everyone seems to be going back to normal, mostly, with the right sleep schedule, getting back on track with homework, you know the usual day. Some people typically want 2 weeks off for winter break because “they want more time off” or “other schools have longer winter breaks”. Everyone always says the infamous words, “it’s not fair”. Well, nothing is fair, but look at the bright side, we’ll graduate before everyone else. 

So, in the aftermath of Christmas break, everyone, usually, gets back to normal with their everyday routines. For most people, they are still mentally on Christmas break.