2023 NFL Playoffs


As of January 8, the 2022-2023 NFL regular season is over. Seven teams from the NFC and the AFC get a chance to compete for a Superbowl berth. The first seed from both conferences gets a bye in the first round. The AFC one seed is the Kansas City Chiefs (14-3) and the NFC one seed is the Philadelphia Eagles (14-3). The first round of playoff matchups are as follows:

2 Bills (13-3) vs. 7 Dolphins (9-8)
3 Bengals (12-4) vs. 6 Ravens (10-7)
4 Jaguars (9-8) vs. 5 Chargers (10-7)

2 49ers (13-4) vs. 7 Seahawks (9-8)
3 Vikings (13-4) vs. 6 Giants (9-7-1)
4 Buccaneers (8-9) vs. 5 Cowboys (12-5)

The AFC playoff seeding was complicated this year in Week 17 when the Bills-Bengals game was canceled due to Damar Hamlin’s health issues. Both the Bengals and Bills only played 16 games in total. Initial seeding occurred as it normally would, but this could affect the AFC championship game if the matchup was either Chiefs vs. Bills or Bills vs. Bengals. In this scenario, the game would be played at a neutral site, as opposed to playing at the home field of the higher seed. The playoffs will otherwise proceed normally.

In the second round, the one seeds will play the lowest remaining seeds in their respective conferences. The two higher-seeded teams will play each other. From that point on it is a simple, single-elimination bracket. This year’s playoffs are sure to be exciting and have some good games to watch.