How to make a PB and J


When you were little, you were told by your teacher to write a paper on how to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich. The teacher would then take your paper read it aloud and do exactly what you said to do, the thing is you would always be wrong and not thorough enough. Well, today I am going to be doing the impossible to prove those teachers wrong. 

First, gather all of your supplies, Peanut butter, Jelly, a knife, a loaf of bread, and a plate to put everything on, and place everything down on the table. Then open up the loaf by untwisting the twisty tie, put your hand inside the loaf, grab out two pieces of the bread and place them side by side on the plate. Then take the peanut butter jar and twist the cap of the jar open, and place the cap on the counter. Pick the knife up with your dominant hand and place the cutting side in the jar and scrape some peanut butter out. Then place the peanut butter that is on the knife on one of the pieces of bread that you had originally pulled out and smooth that peanut butter over the one piece of bread to the edges, (repeat as needed). After that, wipe off the peanut butter by using the side of the peanut butter jar and, back into the peanut butter jar. Then place the knife down on the counter, twist the cap back on the PB container, and place it on the table. After that take the jelly jar and twist off the lid and place the lid on the counter, then pick up the knife with your dominant hand and place the cutting side into the jar and scrape out some jelly, then place that jelly on the other piece of bread you pulled out and spread evenly on that piece of bread, repeat as needed). Then wipe the extra jelly into the jelly jar, by using the side of the opening of the jar. Place the cap back on top of the jar and twist it shut, put the jar on the table. Place the knife down on the counter. Then take the bread with peanut butter on it and carefully lift it up, trying not to touch the peanut butter, and place the peanut butter side on top of the jelly side so that they are touching. 

There you have it, the best way to explain how to make a PB and J.