The Life of a Penns Valley Football Player


Logan Snyder added 3 more touchdowns to his record during the Bald Eagle .vs. Penns Valley rivalry game on Friday, September 6, 2019 | picture via Centre Daily Times

What most people see is only what happens on Friday nights around the country, but most don’t know what happens to get to that point. The football season starts for most of the players in the spring where we have our after school lifting and conditioning sessions 3 times a week. These sessions are very crucial to our season because we need to do whatever we can to gain an edge over the opponent.  Wether it’s being stronger and smarter than the opponent or something as simple as having better team chemistry, whatever we can do to have an edge over the opponent.

We try to keep our week schedule consistent from week to week.  On Mondays we always watch film from our previous game to learn and see our own mistakes to make us better. Then we usually come together as a team and scout the opposing teams to see what we need to focus on stopping. Then we have a team lift after that and we usually repeat the lift two to three times a week to maintain muscle strength and endurance. After our lift we usually go out onto the field and condition and then show some formations for later in the week to prepare us for the practices after.

On Tuesdays we usually are only in what we call “shells” which is just athletic shorts with our girdles on underneath them. Then we have our shoulder pads on with our helmets. We usually don’t do any hitting on this day and it is mainly a day just to get our bodies moving and learn about our opponents.

Wednesdays are usually the same as Tuesdays except we do a little bit of tackling to make sure we stay used to tackling. After our practice we do the same lift that we did Monday.

Thursdays are what we call our pregame practice. We go through our usual pregame routine that we could normally do Friday nights. We then do some walkthroughs and call it a night and get some rest for Friday.

Then Friday comes. All of the players wear their jerseys to school all day long. Then as soon as the bell rings we go to the cafeteria and get our pre game meal in and then carry on with our night going through our usual routine and hopefully we come out with a win.