Is the school recycling or not?

Is the school recycling or not?

Recently, the media team has been told that our school is not actually recycling! Yes, we have recycling bins but (according to our outside source) they are just there to look like our school is taking action. Could it be because our school can’t afford to recycle? Could it be someone does not care about the environment? Who knows? The media team will get to the bottom of it.

Some rumors are that when you recycle, the recycling doesn’t actually end up in a place to reuse the plastic and paper. Apparently, the recycling ends up in a landfill with all the other regular trash. It’s almost like recycling is just this fancy title to make it look like you are taking action, but in reality, it’s just a fancy title slapped on a trash can.

I am hoping that the media team can get to the bottom of this story and come up with a probable solution to this recycling madness.

I am sure many questions are wandering through your head. Like, why is the school advocating for recycling? The media team was told by Mrs. Fellin to do more recycling campaigns to encourage more students to recycle. But, what if our school recycling is just thrown away with the trash?

The media team is planning on scheduling a meeting with Mrs. Fellin to get to the bottom of this.