A Farewell To Brian Markle And Bob Stathem


The Penns Valley Boys Soccer Team is sad to announce our assistant coaches are leaving. Brian is on his way to be a head coach at PO. He has wanted to be a head coach ever since he has coaching. We are happy for him and we wish him the best of luck. Brian has had many successful JV seasons lately. Always being above 500 and this year being undefeated. He also helps coach the varsity level and it is safe to say if he wasn’t there, we wouldn’t of made it where we did this season and past seasons. He has given us players so much advice on and off the field. We cannot thank Brian enough for what he has done for our program. But it is his time for a head coach, and PO is gaining a coach that will push them to the limits and to be a better team than before.

Now for Bob, Bob knows more about the game than anyone I have ever met. I can also safely say that we would not have been where we got to without him. He has helped us out individually as players and people. He is the kindest soul you will ever meet. The man was coaching us for free, he just loved to coach. Now it is unknown what he is going to do now, he might retire or go coach with Brian since they are really good friends. Whatever he does I wish the best of luck to him. Farewell Bob and Brian, you will be missed.