Nothing Lasts Forever


That was a pretty fast year that just flew by. I remember last year like it was yesterday. The days from this year felt so short and these feelings are only amplified by graduation’s quick arrival.

I was just a freshman when I made friends with some juniors. I’m now a sophomore and they are seniors, ready to graduate. Whether it was through sports, classes, or out of nowhere, these people came into my life and inevitably made it better. James Meyers is probably one of my closest friends and he is going to graduate just one week from now along with my other friends who I may never see again and I can’t stop thinking about it. The best I can do is enjoy the time I have now and not take it for granted.

Recently I went with the Thinkas, a media class group comprised of me and three seniors Cayden Merril, Hayden Houser, and Avery Dinges. To Quaker Steak & Lube and then ice cream for our final projects. It was a very memorable night as Hayden and Cayden tried the spiciest wings there and were absolutely dying from the amount of heat. Hayden tried the spiciest wing thinking it was a regular wing but when he ate it, his body was breaking down and it was hilarious. That might just be one of my final memories of them. I don’t know when I’m going to see anyone much after the summer, important people are about to leave my life even though I’m not ready. It is a hard feeling to face but it’s coming, time never stops marching. Every day counts like crazy.