Ringing the Iron Bell


Logan Snyder added 3 more touchdowns to his record during the Bald Eagle .vs. Penns Valley rivalry game on Friday, September 6, 2019 | picture via Centre Daily Times

Eryn Dutrow, Author

SPRING MILLS, PA – On Friday, September 6, 2019, Penns Valley came out victorious in their rivalry game against Bald Eagle. The team left the field with the prized Iron Bell back on Penns Valley turf for the first time since 2016. The final score of the game was 42-7 with half of Penns Valley’s points made by senior, Logan Snyder.

Senior Quarterback, Aaron Tobias, accredits the visible on-the-field chemistry between the team to the 6-year history they share while Snyder accredits the in-game performance to the mindset the team holds going into each game – whether that be the first quarter or third quarter after half-time. Both captains believe that team is the most conditioned they have ever been with each player playing their set positions with proficiency. Such proficiency was prominently seen when Logan Snyder scored the last touchdown of the game by diving for the ball that tipped off of sophomore Zachary Braught’s fingertips, a touchdown that took both skill and a little bit of luck to complete. Snyder describes that touchdown as “a blur” and states “I knew that TD solidified the win but I was just happy for the whole team, not just myself for making that catch.”  Logan Snyder describes the game as  “an amazing experience to be a part of the team that won back the bell but that’s not our only goal for this year though,” meaning that the team is not done with achieving its goals for the season which leads the community to believe the Bell was just the first step in their warpath to play-offs.

Throughout the season thus far, Penns Valley has racked up a total of 168 points with a 1W streak while Bald Eagle has scored a total of 81 points with a 1L streak. Both teams are 2-1 in the league with a winning game percentage of 0.667%. After the Bald Eagle game, Penns Valley has a national ranking of 3418 and a state ranking of 119/567.

Penns Valley will continue their warpath to play-offs as they play the Central Mountain Dragons on Friday, September 13, 2019, at the Penns Valley Stadium. Central Mountain has a game record of 2-1, a national rank of 5455 and a state rank of 195/567.