Slender Man

Morgan Geyser and Aniss Weier had a strong obsession with slender man.  Slenderman is a made-up fictional character with tentacles coming out of his body, tall, and skinny. This obsession was so strong they tried to kill their friend Peyton Luether. On May 31st, 2019 in Waukesha Wisconsin Bella (Peyton) was stabbed 19 times in the chest, legs, arms, and abdomen while playing hide and seek with her best friends. This started as a day with her friends that went bad. Bella had gone to her friend’s house the night before for a birthday party when Morgan and Aniss planned to first kill her. They decided to give her one more morning. The girls asked to go to the park not far from the house. Both Morgan and Aniss wanted to play hide and seek and convinced Bella to play. They hid in the woods, not around people. Morgan got scared and asked Aniss to kill her. Aniss denied and gave the knife back to Morgan and told her she had to kill Bella. Morgan “found” Bella, knocked her over, and sat on her legs so she couldn’t move. She pulled out the knife and stabbed her 19 times. 5 occurred in the arm and 7 in the legs. 2 of the stabs hit 2 major arteries and another 1 millimeter away from the heart. The girls left and started walking for slender man’s mansion in Nicolet national forest, five hours away. Bella crawled out of the forest and waited on the road for someone to help her. A man on a bike saw her and immediately called 911. She was rushed to the hospital and sent to surgery.  Before the surgery, Bella was able to give names of the people who stabbed her and were found shortly on the highway. Both girls were tried as adults. Morgan has 40 years in a mental hospital and Aniss has 3.