Celtics Swept Nets!

Dylan Dashem

The Celtics Beat the Nets

By: Dylan Dashem

The Celtics have just beaten the Brooklyn nets in a 4-0 series. The Nets were the #1 seed before Kevin Durant got injured.  The Celtics started off the year with a 19-21 win-loss record. Since January 9th they have gone 32-10. Winning 32 games and only losing 10. In the series Kevin Durant, former MVP and All-Star this year, had a rough time scoring. Jayson Tatum has been playing great defense while still scoring. Kevin Durant still had 27 points 18 of them were from free throws. He went 4/17 shooting ½ from shooting 3’s he had a bad game. Also their second star Kyrie Irving was too busy messing with the fans to score or defend. Kyrie had only 10 points on 4/13 shooting. He also shot 0/1 on 3-pointers. In the Net’s defense, the Celtics had a great game plan. Making anyone but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Mainly Bruce Brown who is not known for his scoring scored 23 points. For the Celtics, it was more of a group effort. The Celtics had ⅞ players score double-digit points. Jaylen Brown was the Celtics leading scorer with 22 points. The Nets blew a 17-point lead in the 4th quarter. Everyone thought it was going to be a 7 game series with the Nets winning. In the first game, the Celtics were able to stay with the Nets. In the end, Jayson Tatum hit a game-winning layup. After that win in the first game, the Celtics just had the momentum. In the 3rd game, Jayson Tatum had 39 points leading the Celtics to their 3rd win. In the 4th game, Jayson Tatum had 29 points again leading his team to a win sweeping the Nets. Kevin Durant tried to get a win in the 4th game scoring 39 points but had 17 turnovers. Kyrie Irving was the problem for the Nets. He was too busy messing with the fans of the Celtics than playing basketball.