How does change affect people emotionally?

How does change affect people emotionally?

Have you ever had something change suddenly and you didn’t know how to feel about it? About 50% of people go through change and they have negative emotions about what changed. The other percent usually doesn’t know 


Throughout my school years at Penns Valley High School, I have learned that even though people might act like nothing happened, something did. I have also learned that people can change at any moment and that if you have toxic friends that even if you have no friends, after you will have better mental health. 


Another lesson that I learned is always focusing on the bad makes everything horrible. If you want to make memories you have to focus on the good and move on from the bad. School is filled with fun memories but if you’re always focused on the bad you won’t make good ones.

A quote that I like is no matter how good the view is you have to close the window eventually. This means that eventually, every good thing will come to an end. Thought when one window closes a door opens and you will have more opportunities  


Even though people go through change, they still will be the person just a different version of that person and it might even be a  better version. This is just information to tell you that even when someone changes doesn’t mean they are completely different, it just means they needed to do something different with their self and they just needed time to do it. To learn more click here,will%20benefit%20your%20mental%20health.