Hurricane Ian Terrorizes Florida


Hunter Lyons

The state of Florida was thrashed by a category 4 hurricane leaving thousands of people without power, food, or water. Many donations have been sent to Florida to help with paying for supplies and to help rebuild the state after many cities and towns were destroyed. Many roadways were shut down to the feet-deep flooding found in most parts of Florida. On record, hurricane Ian was the fifth most disastrous hurricane to hit the United States. Before hitting Florida, hurricane Ian pummeled through Cuba leaving it in ruins. The storm dropped about 20 inches of rainfall across the central part of Florida. So far there have been 89 deaths and counting, over 6,000 flights have been canceled, and about %25 of the state was left without power there was also $60 billion worth of damage has been totaled from hurricane Ian. An estimated 2.5 million residents were given evacuation orders prior to the hurricane.

Due to the intense level of flooding happening in the area, residents have resided using boats to travel from house to house to look for people trapped and in need of supplies. Hurricane Ian had record winds up to 150 mph which tore roofs off of houses and uprooted many trees very easily. These winds have also caused trash and other things to be blown all across the state. Efforts have been made to help the people of Florida to clean up and rebuild the city. The city hopes to bounce back better than ever after this devastating storm.