A Spooky Tale of PennsValley Area HighSchool

Anna Butler

Jake slowly walked near the chemistry room when the light started flickering then, he realized there was this horrible stench. Jake started to get an unsettling feeling in his stomach like something was in there. He had learned the rumors of Clarrissa over the years and started to get scared. Jake asked himself do you want to get a good grade and just get your homework or do you want to get murdered? Jake decided to take the risk and save his grade. Jake sprinted past the chemistry room to his locker, he tried to open it but nothing was working. He took a deep breath and tried one more time and it opened. He quickly got his stuff when he realized the was a green goo coming from the ceiling. This really freaked Jake out so he picked his stuff back up and started walking near the door when he heard. All of a sudden the night custodian came out of a room and saw Jake. The Janitor started chasing Jake, he dropped all of his things and ran the opposite direction.

After a while of running around in the dark decided to hide in the closest classroom. As you may have guessed, he found himself in the Chemistry room. After a few minutes of catching his breath and realizing he lost the janitor, he realized where he was. He looked around and slowly got up. He walked over to the light switches but they were not working. He got his phone out and used his flashlight to see. He checked to see if he had service to try and call his friends but nothing was going through. All of a sudden he heard a thump coming from the chemical closet…..

…..To be Continued.