Student Class Officers for 11th Grade


For the past week and a half up until Friday, October 9th the class officer election for 11th-grade had been in full swing. The officer positions were announced on September 29th during a meeting with Mr. Farley and Mr. Baldwin.  The positions included the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Students were quick to sign up and there were far more people running in each position this year than the last.

There were five total president candidates, three vice presidents, five secretaries, and three treasurers. The presidents were Andrew Boob, Ashton Taylor, Cammie Upcraft, Maddie Shaffer, and Josh Spahr. Vice presidents were Alex King, Rayanne Witmer, and Ryan McFeely. Secretaries were Aiden Culver, Anna Stitzer, Grace Meyers, Katie Gavek, and Katie Romig. Finally, the treasurers were Emma Lake, Kailen Winkelblech, and Kyle Niewinski.

The Penns Valley election was definitely one that was lively, to say the least. With the presidential candidates taking to email to get people to vote for them. There were some who did their best to put posters up in the hallways and there were others who made videos for the announcements. All around there was far more activity with this year’s elections than the past. It should also be said that the winners of the positions will keep them for next year as well.

On Friday, October 9th the winners of each position were announced during RAM time at 3:00. They are as follows; for president Ashton Taylor, vice president Rayanne Witmer, secretary Katie Romig, and treasurer Kailen Winkelblech. Congratulations to everyone who won and congratulations to all those who ran. It was a very well done election and I hope that the winners will bring pride and refreshing changes to our school in the next two years!