About: Wesley Morrison

Owyn Corman

I asked Wesley a total of 12 questions, very unserious questions.

First question, “What is your favorite color?” Blue was his favorite color, very interesting. I next asked him “What is your favorite sport?”Soccer is his favorite sport I saw it coming I played it with him. The next questions are a little more in-depth. “Why do you have an aloe plant?”I got an aloe plant for no reason and I wanted to test my responsibility. Next explanation response, “Why is soccer your favorite sport?” Soccer is so fun to play and so many friends on the soccer team. “Can you prove that your funny?” Yes, joke: cannot be proven. “Can you prove you prove that you are a true bro?” Will go to your house and tuck you in.”What if Ted Bundy rose from the dead and came to your house?” Would run away with Xbox in hand.”What if you found a teleporter?”Would get buddies and teleport to Disney and would vibe out. “Which is better Xbox or PS4?” Xbox. “Which would you rather have dogs or cats?” Dogs more loyal and playful. “If you got a new puppy what would you do next with it?” Name him/her Beanos and would hang out with it and teach it tricks. “If you found the love of your life what is your next step? I would immediately teleport (with the teleporter in the previous question) with them to Hawaii. This has been the short article about Wesley Morrison.