Join Jr High Choir

If you like singing, join chorus!


Lily Runyan

Do you enjoy singing? If so, you should consider joining the Jr High choir. In Jr High choir, you have the opportunity to make new friends, perform on stage, and sing fun songs with your peers. If you are in chorus, you also have the chance to take trips. These trips are typically amusement parks. In choir, you sing two days a week and have at least one concert each year. Every year there is a Christmas concert. When you are in chorus, you have ram in the music room and sing on Mondays and Wednesdays. In choir, you have to be able to pay attention. If you have the attention span, love singing, and enjoy having fun, you should join chorus.

Singing is like its own language. If you want to learn more about singing and how it is an interesting way to communicate, click the link beneth the article. The main reason you should join choir is that it is a really good way to socialize with people. You can make new friends and you can have so much fun. If you are interested in joining choir, talk to Mr. Klixbul about joining. Don’t wait! Join chorus now!!!