Grace Wolfe


Grace Wolfe also know as Gracie is one of my best friends. She is 4´7 and super energetic in the morning. Her full name is Grace Elisabeth Wolfe and she is 12 years old. Gracies birthday is march 27. One thing that Gracie is good at is braking her arm so I asked her, what would happen if she broke her arm again, her answer was that she would probably get signatures on it by her volleyball team. Her favorite sibling is Will and if she could change her height she would.  Gracie is a very caring person but is very fierce and stubborn. She wants to play volleyball for all of high school and wants to become a nurse for kids/ babies. If she had a choice between ice-cream and cake, she would chose cake. After school, she does homework and watches tv. Now if Gracie magically grow to 6´1 she said her volleyball coach would put her at the front of the net so she could block. She said sheś friends with me because I make her laugh and I´m fun to be around. If she could choose what the best part about being short she would choose hide-n-seek. One of my favorite things about Grace is her attitude, though she’s little she sure is fierce. A fact about her is that she use to play soccer with me and somehow she always ended up on the ground. She also lives in Center Hall and has three siblings Will, Hope, and Faith. Finally, this is my friend Gracie Wolfe.