Fashion Trends Coming Back In Style

Fashion Trends Coming Back In Style

Anna Butler, Author

As we are entering a new year I will be reflecting on the Fashion Trends that are coming back into style.

  1. Scrunchies 

Scrunchies that originally came from the 1980s have come back into style but not in the glory they used to be. In the 1980s they were in with the big poofy hair was in but they started making a come back in 2018.  They can be used as a sort of bracelet or just has a hair tie.

2. Mom Jeans 

Mom Jeans that came into style in the late 1980s/1990s and made a come back in 2019. Mom’s jeans came back but in a new way. In the 1990’s Mom, jeans were non-tight jeans. Today they are loose-fitting jeans that are tighter at the waist usually with holes in them to had style.

4. Phanny Packs

Phanny Packs the mini version of purses that can you can put around your waist have made a comeback. It originated in the late 1970/1980s. Phanny packs have a comeback in a new style and they come in a variety of color and holographic

5. Doc Martins

Doc Martins started in the 1990s that people normally wore with everyday clothes but nowadays they wear then with nicer outfits or darker colors.

6. Teddy Bear Glasses 

Teddy bear glasses are big wide eye simple framed glasses that originated in the 1990s and have come back in a demand for a comfy/cute everyday look

I think it’s safe to say that the fashion trends in the 1990s are coming back into style. They may be the same products but, they are accessorized and worse differently then what they were.

My favorite style is the 90’s look and that is what inspires most of my outfits and what gave me the idea to write this article.