Music from Baby Jeremy


Aiden Claar

We, at Baby Jeremy, might be masters of media, but neither of us are particularly great at music. But, regardless of our ability to perform music, we both listen to unique types of music. Sam listens to jazz fusions, provided by Japanese musicians such as Himiko Kikuchi and Masayoshi Takanaka. I listen to punk rock, ska punk, and other forms of rock and punk, provided by Russian and American bands such as Порнофильмы, Streetlight Manifesto, The Royal They, and System of a Down.

However different our music tastes are, we both have a flair for the unusual. Upon listening to either of our musical tastes, you will hear some more abstract elements, for example, the use of other instruments, dissonant harmonies, and folk style melodies. We both appreciate surrealism. The artists I presented are not considered surrealist, but they contain some elements of surrealist music. Surrealism aims to express unconscious feeling, many surrealist paintings and works work to invoke a visceral reaction through the use of absurd juxtaposition, awkward and unique motifs, and distorted images. Within music, this is done through the use of dissonance, micro-tonality, unusual sounds, awkward poly-rhythms used to create absurd juxtaposition. Surrealist music invokes some visceral feeling to associate with an idea. Reconstruction (1865-1877), by Joshua Haugen, incorporates surrealism while exploring the injustices of the post-Civil War period in America, which are still relevant today with movements like Black Lives Matter Demonstrations. We, at Baby Jeremy, appreciate this form of expression and enjoy the unique representations of ideas.