The End of 2020, The Start of 2021

The long awaited end of the dreadful year of 202o is finally here and as we look back at all of the various events that occurred in this year we can only hope to improve off of them in 2021. As a pandemic erupted through the entire world doctors and experts have worked to their full capacity to get the people a vaccine so that we can continue a normal life. The Pfizer vaccine hit the world towards the end of 2020 so now we hope for the best of it in 2021. Sports were postponed different organizations such as the UFC started sporting events back up as quickly as possible to keep people entertained during the pandemic.

Although 2020 was an overall bad year there are multiple things that helped move us forward as a country. There is no doubt that the civil and equal rights movement is at an all time high with organizations such as Black Lives Matter reaching an all time high in popularity as they try to spread awareness throughout the world gaining support from plenty of celebrities and athletes around the world. This is something that will continue to grow in popularity in the year of 2020. Also, the presidential election took place in which was probably the most significant and most popular election to date as Republican Donald Trump faced off against Democrat Joe Biden. The results of this election will also greatly impact the country as we move forward into the year of 2021. So, as we usually focus on the bad of 2020 lets change our mindsets and be excited for what the year 2021 has to bring to us.