Covid Cases Declining


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Alexis Dunkle

Masks have proven to help stop the spread of covid, you should do your part.

Covid 19 cases are finally starting to decline at a rapid rate. Covid cases have decreased by 16% in the past week globally. There are also 10% fewer deaths as well. Read more about this here. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why they are decreasing so much, but they have a couple of ideas. They think it is possible that people are finally just listening to the rules, and taking them more seriously. For example, wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing their hands. Another reason why it is possible that cases are declining is that people who live where there are a lot of covid cases are starting to become immune to the disease. Now, there are 150,000 service members that are fully vaccinated, which could be why covid cases are declining. Finally, experts think that Winter Storms might have something to do with the decline in covid cases. In Texas cases dropped 56% during their Winter Storm, so even though these storms aren’t fun they could be helping with the covid case decline. These storms are also causing delays in some of the covid vaccines. The decrease in cases has caused the number of tests to go down by 13%. We are finally dropping in covid cases, and vaccines are coming out. Some people worry however that the new mutations of covid that are popping up the vaccines won’t work nearly as well. So far there have been 1500 variants of the coronavirus that have been reported. Some scientists are worried about these variants and that they might bring the numbers back up. They say we need a universal vaccine that works for all the variants of covid. Biden is donating over 1.6 billion dollars to help increase covid testing. Britain is also going to be the first country that is going to start to infect their healthy volunteers with covid. It is important that people are doing their part to help stop the coronavirus.