Senior Advice


Inside lobby of PVHS

Once upon a time, we were all young folks. We all went through similar paths in life but all of ours are different so its hard to compare some situations. One of the things we can however compare is our school life and experience. All of us united states citizens go through the same basis of school. We all start out with kindergarten and then slowly but surely move our way to the big leagues of high school.

Throughout many childhoods, making friends is one of the most important aspects of making through high school. Something that helped me get to where I am today is having a good group of friends and relationships that help me in almost any situation life has before me. There are many things that helped me and others get through high school and we are going to talk about a few of them.

One of these things that helped me get through high school is writing things down that are due. This helps to eliminate the forgetfulness that teenagers tend to have. Another tip that I would give to the younger class is to not care what other people think say or do. If you worry about anything but yourself then you are not going to succeed the ways you want yourself to. Another thing that is tricky to get mastered is the work load depending on what classes you have. Something to help this is to feel out how much a specific class gives home work and then base the rest of your schedule off of that, and progressively get done whatever you can throughout your day.