I want all of you to BLOW THIS UP

Sam Ewaskiewicz

In the southwest of Alaska, a competition is brewing…

Fat Bear Week is a contest held by and the Katmai National Park & Preserve, in which website visitors vote on a tournament bracket to decide the bear who has been the most successful at fattening up for the winter. According to the website ( “Fat Bear Week is a celebration of success and survival.” The competition begins on 9 AM PT (12:00 PM EST), and will continue until the final match-up on October 5th. To us, this is just a bit of fun. But for these bears, it is a matter of survival! The bears with the most triumphant tummies will have the most successful hibernation, a state where the bears will not eat or drink, and can lose a third of their body weight.

The official bracket of Fat Bear Week 2021These bears will be pitted against each other to see which one is the ultimate chunk champion. The bear with the must triumphant tummy will most likely have a very successful winter hibernation, and come out ready to face the spring at the end.