Bloon’s Tower Defense 5 Impoppable Strategy


Bloon’s Tower Defense 5 is one of the most popular mobile games on the app store. The game is centered around using monkey fortifications to defend the monkey village from the ever-advancing waves of bloodthirsty ballons. BTD 5 involves extensive resource management and strategy. There are multiple tracks, each with varying difficulty. The most intense and rewarding difficulty is known as “impoppable.” Within the other difficulties, there are many strategies that are effective at keeping the ballons at bay, but within impoppable, there are few viable means of defense. This article will provide you with a strategy that works effectively on almost every track.

First, you must acquire the maximum level “monkey training facility.” This is because the Dart Monkey will be the most predominant tower used in the early rounds. Place your first Dart Monkey in a strategic position (where it can pierce multiple ballons) and upgrade it to the “triple darts” upgrade. Maintain the front line with your free Dart Monkeys and begin to place banana farms. Remember to upgrade them to “banana plantation” before buying a new farm for maximum efficiency. Once about two farms are placed, invest in a Bloon Chipper tower and a Monkey Apprentice in a central position behind the chipper. Upgrade the chipper to “super-wide funnel” and the apprentice to “dragon’s breath.” The goal at this point should be to acquire the “banana research facility.” Continue to purchase banana farms and maintain your front line with all three towers mentioned. Once you have enough monkey money to purchase the facility you will be set for the game. Continue to reinforce your defenses and upgrade your passive income.

Here are a few extra tips that may help. If there is water on the map, an easy way to deal with the ZOMGs in the late rounds is to save up for the “first strike capability” upgrade to the Monkey Sub. It is not necessary, but a Monkey Town is recommended. If you ever get into a pinch and need quick money, your farms can be sold for a partial refund. Take the knowledge learned here and go pop the impoppable!

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