3 fun facts about the best movie ever… Shrek!

Nikki Denger

As we all know Shrek is an outstanding film. It may be the best film ever made. There are many things we know about Shrek, like how he lives in a swamp and likes his privacy, but what about the things we don’t know about the best movie ever created. Here are 3 things I assure you didn’t know about Shrek.

To start with, I bet very few people know that Shrek was written by an 83 year old man. Yep that’s right William Steig was 83 years old at the time he wrote Shrek. Unfortunately he passed away two years following the release of Shrek at 95 years old. Shrek was actually loosely based off of William Steig’s picture book called Shrek!. Shieg was a well-known cartoonist for The Newyorker and a children’s writer. He is missed by many.

Another fun fact on the list is that Nicholas Cage turned down the lead role because he didn’t want to be an ogre. I can’t imagine how disappointed Cage was when he saw how successful Shrek became. Not only could he have been an ogre he could have been the most liked orge in the world and loved by every child.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the filmmakers went above and beyond the call of duty after watching the full 1 hour and 30 minutes of Shrek. Members of the movie development team took mud showers to study the movement of mud. Could you imagine going to do something that is supposed to be cleansing, a shower, but only gets you more and more dirty as you scrub?