A Bite Into Twilight


Twilight is a highly loved novel by people of all ages, however, the movie just isn’t it. To begin with, the movie includes the blue filter the entire time which creates a weird vibe while you are watching the movie. Although the reasoning was that it was meant to be an Indie film, it was not an effective strategy. The blue filter in combination with the pale skin creates a dark screen and therefore is not eyecatching.

In addition to the coloring of the movie, the acting is awful. Bella could be a very lovable character that is truly falling in love, however, with the lack of acting skills she is awkward and it is very cheesy. For example, when she is acting shy her mouth is slightly open creating an awkward smile that is not cute or flirty. Moving on to Edward, he is supposed to be this cool and collected man. However, through the lack of acting skills, he is straight-up weird. An example of this is the face he makes when he is trying not to eat Bella. In an attempt to create a face of desire, he pushes out his lips and intensifies his eye contact, this could easily be mistaken for the face of a predator. Finally, the editing is very bad, when it could have been very cool. When the vampires use their speed/powers the editing is very choppy and it does not look as smooth as it could. Due to the choppiness of the scenes, it adds to the cheesiness and takes away from the overall movie.

Overall, due to the filter, acting, and editing of the Twilight film, it is a cheesy and ineffective movie that is not worth the watch.