Why Ranch is the Best Condiment


Condiments. We all know them we all love them and they can also bring up debates. Now you may argue that ketchup is superior or mustard but today I will explain to you why ranch will always reign supreme.

Ranch has been around since the 1950s and was created by Steve Henson. Henson and his wife made the recipe up in their kitchen one day and then started the Hidden Valley franchise we all know today. Ranch being around for so long has helped it to grow and become the amazing and tasty condiment we all know today.

Ranch is truly the best condiment especially because it can be used on pretty much anything you want, ranging anywhere from salads to pizza! I have tried ranch on many things and some of my favorites include, pizza, chicken, french fries, salads, potatoes, mozzarella sticks, and so many more. Ranch being so versatile gives it so much use compared to others like mustard. Mustard can really only be used on things like hamburgers or hot dogs giving it very little use compared to ranch.

Based on a study done by Today it is shown that Americans’ favorite condiment is ranch! Showing that 16 out of the 50 states voted ranch the best, while only one state (being my own PA) voted ketchup. This shows that on a large margin ranch will still reign supreme always. A quote by Jacquie Klein helps prove this point even more, “Ranch is a mega-flavor in food that’s found across the store, where ketchup is really bound by its bottle in the condiments aisle,” said Jacquie Klein, director of the brand studio that oversees Hidden Valley marketing.

To conclude ranch is the best condiment available to us, and if you do not agree you should experiment and try it on more things! Also if you can’t seem to pick and love ketchup and ranch the most try Kranch!