Summer Fun

Peyton Thomas, School

Do you need something to do over the summer while you are home? Well if you do, here are 15 things you can be doing over the summer when you’re bored or just don’t have anything else to do at home.

1. You can go for a walk. Going for a walk in the summer is always a fun thing to do. Whether it’s going on a walk alone or with friends you can always make going on a walk fun. You could listen, find new places and just enjoy the outdoors.

2. You can make food. I always love finding new recipes and making the food and trying new things whether the food is good or bad. It is always fun trying out new things you never know what you may like. Check out these foods you could make this summer

3. Play a board game. It’s fun to play board games with family and friends instead of being on your phone all the time. There are many fun board games you can play that will assure you to have a fun time during the summer break.

4. Having a movie day. Having a movie day on a rainy summer day is always a great way to relax and still not be bored. You can make popcorn and snacks and watch your favorite movies. You could even invite your friends over to watch movies with you.

5. Go swimming. Going swimming on a hot summer day is always a great way to cool off. If you don’t have a pool you could always just play in a hose or you could get a cheap blow-up pool from the store.

6. You could have a campfire. Having a campfire on a cool summer night is always a great way to end a fun day. You can make smores and mountain pies or you could tell stories or just sit and relax by the fire

7. You could take a bike ride. Riding your bike around your neighborhood and a fun way to get exercise and have fun during summer if you are bored

8. You can camp in your backyard. Camping is always fun but sometimes it’s not always fun being in the woods and having no service so you could camp in your own backyard all you would really need is a tent and blankets but if you don’t have a tent then you could just sleep on a blanket just make sure it’s not going to rain.

9. Read. I know reading isn’t what you probably want to spend your summer doing but you can make it fun and read on a blanket in the sun. Reading is good to do over summer because during the summer you don’t do school work so reading is a great way to still be doing something school-related but relaxing at the same time.

10. Hang out with friends. Hanging out with friends is always a way to enjoy summer. You can do any of these activities with friends and it’s always nice to have friends to hang out with and talk to.

11. Have a lemonade stand. Having a lemonade stand with your friends is a great way to earn money and have fun during the hot summer.

12. Tie-dye. Tie-dying during summer is always so much fun. You can make new and cool pieces of clothing. You can make such cool things out of tie-dye and you can be creative.

13. Play with water balloons. If you don’t have a pool you can play with water balloons with your friends. This is a great way to cool off over the summer without a pool.

14. Make ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream? Ice cream is a fun thing to make during summer. It’s easy and delicious. Check out this recipe for ice cream,

15. Draw/color outside. Drawing and coloring is a fun and relaxing things to do and you can use your imagination when it comes to that.

Have a great summer! I hope these activities help you not be so bored during summer vacation!

Summer sunshine