Students Being Involved


Skylar Fleshman

Penns Valley Area Highschool has many ways for students to get involved from; sports, to academic decathlon, to drama productions, and clubs. Penns Valley has tons of clubs that students can get involved in. There are many exciting clubs to join like; chess club, yearbook club, diversity club, and board games. We also have clubs that were made with the intent to help the school like rams club, and the club primarily focused on the student body student council.

Student council is a great way to get involved with the school at Penns Valley. The student council’s job is to try and voice the student body’s concerns to make the school a better place. The students hold a monthly meeting with the administration team at the high school. They hold these meetings to try and voice the concerns of the students and come up with solutions. The club also attends the monthly meetings held by the board to give an overview of what is going on at the high school. Student council also plans events in and after school. Some of the events that student council plans, are Rams Fest, Powder Puff, and the Homecoming Pep Rally. This year’s student council team is led by Paige Dobson as president, Skylar Fleshman as vice president, Ann-Marie McMurtrie as secretary, and Abbey Mingear as treasurer. We asked Rebekah Gillespie a member of student council, what is one of student council’s goals for the school year. She replied with, “This year the club really wants to follow through with the girl’s powder puff game, we really want to pull it off this year and do it well.” The members of student council can’t wait to get to work and make this school year rock with events, and make the school a better place!