How I Met Your Mother Character Overview


          Sitcom, How I Met Your Mother may have been released back in 2005 but it is still a phenomenal show even today.  How I met Your Mother is a show featuring the main character, Ted Mosby, and his journey in meeting his wife. The show is presented as future Ted narrating his life story to his two kids. Through this narration, he includes all of the “relevant” stories which led him to finally meet his wife. The show includes five main characters, Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily, and Robin.

          As I said, Ted is the main character. Ted can be described as dedicated and a big romantic. For most of the show, you can see Ted going from girl to girl making the audience wonder if is he ever going to meet his wife. Ted can be funny here and there but he is mainly focused on meeting “the one”. His best friend, Marshall, definitely helps him along the way.

           Marshall is the friend who gives the best advice and is funny without trying. Marshall grew up in Minnesota which definitely shows where he got his personality; he’s just an all-around nice guy. For the majority of the show, you can find Marshall making funny, dumb remarks while supporting his friends and especially his wife Lily.

            Lily is the friend who keeps everyone in line and is willing to share her thoughts on whatever the matter is. She is best friends with Robin and always shows her love for Marshall. She definitely isn’t afraid to speak her mind on which girls she thinks are right for Ted. Without Lily, the group would be lost.

          As I said, Robin is best friends with Lily. Now Robin wasn’t originally in the group until Ted laid eyes upon her across the room. That’s how Robin was brought into the group and that’s how it stayed. Robin grew up in Canada and so she tries to escape her Canadian identity which is very humorous. Robin is extremely independent and definitely weighs her career over her love life.

          Finally, with the best saved for last, Barney is the friend with all the jokes. Barney, is the type of person always looking to get with a girl. He does it so frequently that he wrote a book called, “The Playbook”, on how to pull these girls. He is always looking to make his friends laugh and he sticks strictly to the “bro code” with respect toward his friends (mainly Ted and Marshall though).

          Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney are all different but that is what makes the group so loveable. Without this contrast, the show would not flow as smoothly as it does. How I Met Your Mother is different than your average sitcom and it’s a TV show you’ll just have to watch for yourself. All nine seasons will make you laugh, cry, and then eventually click that play button and start back at season one to watch it all over again.