What do people at PV think of Capybara eating watermelon?


Wesley Morrison

Today I was sitting in class and decided to put on a video of a capybara eating a watermelon. While letting the video play in the background while I worked I noticed that I was focusing better on my work; I decided to research more about this strange phenomenon.  I knew there was one person I could talk to to give me some insight into how they felt about the video: Logan Conrad. This is what he had to say to the series of questions I asked him. What are your thoughts on the video? “I thought it was a very interesting video, it reminded me a lot of a video of a raccoon eating grapes, very similar vibes.” (Logan C.) Now when asking him how this video made him feel his answer was nerve-racking. Here is that:   “Uncomfortable, the sounds made me uncomfortable. The sounds.” “Unlike the raccoon video, which was pure bliss” This was not the answer I was expecting since most of the people who saw the video viewed it as “relaxing” and “Therapeutic”.

I decided to take a look at this “Raccoon eating grapes” video and what I found was very interesting. The video of the raccoon consists of a raccoon simply using his little boy hands to grab the grapes and eat them. To put one video over the other would not make sense. They each have specific qualities and attributes that make them both great videos but I do not believe that the two are comparable.