2022 Penns Valley Powder Puff


Heath Senator

Powderpuff is back! Penns valley just hosted another powder puff and over 200 fans came to support Penns Valley and PVYC. “It was a lot of fun and super chilly,” a fan said. This happened on Wednesday, November 16th. The game consisted of the junior girls against the senior girls and the junior and senior boys were cheering for their teams.

The game started out strong but the seniors were able to pull away in the second half. During half-time, the junior boys got to perform and they performed to the song Starships by Nicki Minaj. Then the senior boys got to perform and they performed to a series of songs. Both performances were very funny and entertaining to watch. The juniors clearly won the competition for cheering though according to Miss. Rummel, Mr. Wyncoop, Mrs. Fellin, Mr. Green, and many other teachers. In the end, both performances were very fun to watch and that’s all that matters.

The football game was very entertaining to watch, especially as there was snow on the ground from the last snowfall. People were sliding, diving, and being very aggressive to get that win in this powderpuff game. Even though the rules were against it people were even tackling and throwing each other. But no one got injured and “everyone had a great time even though everyone was freezing their butts off” according to another fan.

We are glad to see that this fun tradition is back and can’t wait till next year. Congratulations to both seniors and juniors for a great night!