Mobile Games

Mobile Games

Heath Senator

Mobile games are something that many people play every day. There is such a big variety of them from word puzzle games to games like cod mobile and pub g. Mobile games are a great way to pass time and play with your friends. You can set records with games such as jelly jump and doodle jump or see how far you can get in a race on hill climb racing.

There are so many mobile games out there it’s impossible to count. Some of the most popular games are poke mon go, clash royal, clash of clans, and candy crush. So many people play mobile games. People love playing these games because they are able to play them while not at home.

They even have games that you can use a controller to play. There are apps that have been created so that you can hold your phone up while playing a game such as pub g or cod mobile with a controller. This is nice so that you can play these games on long car rides or just passing time in a doctor’s office. There are some negatives to these things such as they don’t have all console games able to be downloaded on your phone, but I’m sure that soon there will be.

Another thing is that these games may have your screen time getting higher because it’s so much easier to just get your hands on your phone and play a game quickly. The nice thing is that you can set limits though on apps.

The first mobile game was created in 2000 and it was a game called Tetris.