Homecoming Parade and Game


The Penns Valley Rams enter the second half of their season with a game record of 4-1.

After practice Thursday some of us rode a bus to the homecoming parade. I went with my dad and we went to get a tracker to pull a football float in the parade. We waited 45 minutes before we could pull into grange. When we got on the fairgrounds we connected to the float. I went with the other managers and we got to sit on the float with the other Junior High football players. The football players had to wear their football jerseys. Us managers wore are never satisfied shirt. After the parade, we watched the homecoming court and what there future life and they wanted it to be.

On Friday there was a pep-rally, Before the game and the junior high was on one side of the new gym and the High school was on the other side of the new gym right before school ended. We had competitions against each side of the gym. They had the band do a performance. I think their chorus did our chant song at the pep-rally also. We also found out who are king and queen are, they were Mrs. Howell and Mr. Irwinn.

Friday’s game was after school and we won 55 to 7. I saw a lot of people wearing white. The cheerleaders gave people Penns valley ram tee-shirts.  I got one there tee-shirts, I put it over my sweatshirt because it was bigger than my normal size. I don’t think there were any injuries on the team for Friday’s game. I hung out with my friends and we were in the student section. We got very loud for the football team.