Thinka Production


Thinka production is now at the end of an era. Three of the group members are graduating and Owyn Corman will be the only thinka remaining. Thinka production went above and beyond media expectations. We did constant short segments, entertainment, traveled our announcements outside of school and improvised. The groups paired for each announcement were well thought out. Owyn and Avery were a pair because it was like a brother sister duo and Cayden and Hayden were a pair because they truly are the best friend match. The classic thinka pose was our trade mark to represent our group. Anyone who saw us put our fist below our chin and eyes looking into the distance knew it was the thinkas. Mr. Farley played a huge role in our media group, constantly inspiring us and editing our segments that would just be “too much” for the student body. He participated in many segments and made us laugh all throughout the class. Cayden made our iconic introduction that reminds people of their childhood and makes people laugh by our thinka faces. Everyone around the school gets excited when our announcements are showing that morning because they know the amount of entertainment to come. Hayden is a thinka that laughs at everything no matter if it actually is funny or not. Cayden is constantly making jokes, most of the time they are inappropriate, but they do make Hayden laugh. Owyn is just the baby of the group that makes everyone happy and laugh, he is the glue that keeps everyone together. Avery is the only girl in the group so she is the source of the sassiness and girly girl. Together the thinkas are like a family.