Suggestions for School Lunches

School lunches have been lacking for years now in most schools around the country. Some schools don’t have any problems but they are mostly big schools and don’t have to worry about some expenses like other schools do. Some schools around the country have food courts with things like subway McDonalds and Starbucks. Then there are other schools that don’t have anything at all. We appreciate everything our lunch ladies do for us and our school and we know it isn’t their fault but there is a lot of room for improvement in our cafeteria. The school luncher are also very overpriced. A bottle of water is over a dollar when you can just get it for free from the school fountains. A whole meal for most kids costs near 5-6 dollars for somewhat lousy choices and quality’s of food. Some suggestions to help the school cafeteria could be adding a Subway or something or even just changing up some of the choices of food. If we would add a Subway to our cafeteria it would only benefit us. People would buy it every day. It has healthy choices and fresh vegetables and fruit. It is also more affordable. It is 5 dollars for a foot long sandwich which is cheaper than our school lunches and it is better food overall. If we couldn’t get one of them installed then there are other options too. We could just change some of the food options and the quality of them too. For example we could have pizza delivered once a week from a local pizza place for the kids to buy. In the end we just need to upgrade the cafeteria as a whole. There is a lot that it is lacking and a lot of room for improvement, it has a lot of potential.