Are Students Falling Under the Pressure of School?

Have you ever sat back as a parent, guardian, teacher, or coach and realized how much students go through in a week? The pressure on students in high school and beyond is extremely high. This pressure only gets worse if they are in a sport or even any extracurriculars.

As a student, myself who are involved in school clubs, a sport (soccer), have a job, and four classes a day, applying to colleges, I can say myself it is a challenge to just remember to even do your homework most nights. It’s highly frowned upon students skipping school for no reason, but my question is why? The pressure of school on students is so much that sometimes it’s necessary to stay home and get your mind off things to even stay sane. Some might argue this saying that’s what the weekend is for, well most students work Saturday and Sunday, some have sports that may or may not take up 3/4th of that day, even a family event. Student’s weekends are just like everyone else, this is also our time to wind-down, take the weight off our shoulders, however, that’s hard when you work, play a sport, or have other commitments; like homework or an essay.

We all know and understand that homework is going to be apart of school and that at one point or another, stress is inevitable. However, the question is, should students be getting more than an hour of homework a night? It is not just homework that gives students stress, the fact that if our grades are not good enough, they can keep us from doing stuff we love. Obviously, academics are very important, but school these days are too strict and more and more students are dropping out of school. I am not blaming teachers, this is an opinionated topic when it comes to who to blame. I personally don’t blame anyone, it’s just the school system in America.