Understanding Life Outside of High School


Penns Valley’s class of 2019.

Councilors and teachers come up to kids and tell them that they need to start thinking about college and their dream job. They start this decision making on just sophomores. They are still kids, some may not even have a job or a license yet. But people are expecting them to understand what to do with their life outside of high school. Half the time these kids don’t even know what they are doing the next day let alone college and jobs. Having to decide your future is such a stressful thing for these kids. Students already have so much stress on their lives between their social lives and school, kids go through a lot. With the whole college and career decisions to be made its hard to understand everything going on in their lives. Everyone thinks they have time to do the whole college thing and they shouldn’t worry about it. But truthfully every year goes by faster and faster and before you know it you are graduating. Behind the madness of looking for a career path and colleges in tenth grade it really will help even though we don’t want to think about it. Your everyday life of taking notes, studying for hours for a test, and walking the halls with your best friends eventually comes to an end. This means having a game plan for your future is a great thing and it’s never too late to figure your life out. Even if this means talking to a coach, teacher, important person in your life. Anyway will help as long as you put in the work and help yourself out in the long run. Going to college and still not knowing what you want to do is okay, changing your major while still in college is okay. It’s always okay to try new things and even if that thing you thought was for you isn’t it’s always okay to take a step back and figure out a new game plan.