Parking Lot concerns/issues

Students who have the right to drive should be given the opportunity to leave before the buses do. They are able to get here and most students get here before all the buses do so why should we have to sit and wait. If you ride the bus it’s more than likely that you have nowhere to be after school while the majority of us who drive have places to be and most of the time it’s a job. The buses should not be allowed to leave until at least 3:25 this will give people who have to go to work or have to go somewhere immediately a better chance of beating the buses.

Mrs.Zerby who stands in the parking lot in the morning should have to stand on the sidewalk for her safety as well as the people who drive to school. When it is dark out and she is standing at the end of the middle row holding her slow sign even with a flashlight it can be difficult to see her. We also just turned the clocks back so this might be more dangerous because it will be darker outside when we get to school. If she is standing and another driver doesn’t see her and swerves to miss her he/she will not only get in trouble but also have the risk of hitting and damaging another person’s car.

Last year when we hosted wrestling districts at home the students had to leave classes to move cars to the back parking lot which not only cut into our education time but it was also dangerous. The roads were total trash and so was the parking lot myself and a few others started to fish tale when we went on the road because we hit a spot of ice and when I pulled in my parking spot I was given no help and I couldn’t see the lines and the spot I had to park in was trash so I slid and almost hit the car beside me. 

Students who can’t park in the lines shouldn’t be allowed to park near others. When I get to school I see cars as I am pulling in that are in no way in the lines and they get here at 7:30 every day. If you are here so early why is it suck an issue to park your car you have plenty of time to line up and achieve a perfect park job. If a student is having an issue with someone who is parking next to them that student should have to move there spot not the other individual.

When we were given our parking passes this year we were told that if we are late so many times to school we would no longer be permitted to drive. I personally have seen at least five students who are late to first block every day because they don’t leave in enough time to get to school. When some students drive other students to school and make it on time. If we are told that we will have consequences for being late then they should be followed because driving to school should be a privilege the student’s parents still pay for the buses through taxes so make them ride it until the privilege is earned back.