The Struggles of New Students

It can be rough for kids coming into a new school, its a hard and possibly painful adjustment. Their entire surroundings have changed, they have to learn to integrate and make friends in their new environment. Penns Valley tries to make the adjustment as painless as possible by getting them involved in activities and making friends.

Some can make the transition better than others, Aidan Kane who came to Penns valley two years ago has moved >>> times. He handled it very well and started making friends soon after arriving. He has made even more friends by joining extra curricular activities, he is involved in marching band, track, percussion ensemble and band. His family has choose Penns valley to be their forever home due to the friendliness and kindness of the area. Aidan Kane has on  multiple occasions described Penns valley as the best school he’s ever attended.

Although some students don’t handle the transition as well, the transition for Mackenzie Linn was rough, Mackenzie who is now in 10th grade moved to Penns Valley from Texas. She recalls the struggles she had integrating into the school and making friends.  It took her awhile to find her classes start making friends, this year however she joined cheerleading which has helped her greatly.

Getting kids involved in extra curricular activities is the key to helping them integrate. It allows for them to get involved in their school but more importantly make friends. Making friends can help greatly in the whole moving process, without friends the transition could be difficult. For kids like Aidan Kane who has no problem making friends the transition is easier. But For kids like Mackenzie Linn who has problems making friends its rough. Its our job as a school to make sure they make friends and integrate as quickly and as painless as possible.