Outdoors Club


Outdoors Club members plant trees along the banks of Sinking Creek.

Legacy Osborn

Outdoors club is a club that was founded by Emma Butler, Olivia Krum, and Sophie McQuaide in 2017. Outdoors club strives to promote advocacy, education, and adventure. The current officers of PVOC are Anna Butler, Will Tucker, Hayley Wolfe, & Legacy Osborn. 

The Outdoors Club has gone on many field trips such as Woodward & Laurel Run. At Woodward, we planted 100+ trees, took a hike of the property, and got to go on Woodward’s “Wrecktangle” which is an obstacle course consisting of a rock wall, zip line, foam pit, trampolines, and more. 

On our hike at Woodward, we learned more about the native and non- native species that inhabit the property. We saw some pretty cool spiders (and their webs), grasshoppers, mushrooms, etc. We also got to swing on the swing! 

In September, one group took a trip to Lauren Run, Pennsylvania where they worked with a team to help restore the stream.

Last October, a group of club members took a trip to the Houser farm to plant trees.

In 2019, the PVOC created a new kiosk for the Penns Valley Environmental Center. This helps people to become more informed and educated about our environment and some of the species that live in Penns Valley. 

Outdoors Club has done multiple service projects too. Two weekends in a row, we had some club members meet up in Spring Mills on two different days in order to do the following. On the first service day, one group cut up live silky dogwood stakes. On the second service day, another group met up to plant these live dogwood stakes on the banks of Sinking Creek in order to help improve the habitat. 

Outdoors Club usually meets every other Friday in Ms. Forsythes room. 

Our club is currently working on designing t-shirts, building bat boxes, and selling stickers in order to fundraise! Another cool thing is, the service that we put in is equal to $25 an hour, so overall we have put in hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars of volunteer service work!!