Why should you take a Media class?

This is Mr. Farleys staff picture at Penns Valley.

This is Mr. Farley’s staff picture at Penns Valley.

Lydia Collison

PENNS VALLEY HIGH SCHOLL – At Penns Valley, there are many electives available for students, and Media and Communications is one of them. Media was the best class that I have chosen to take in my four high school years at Penns Valley. Media is a great class to learn valuable skills while also having fun and making quality work.

The teacher for Media and Communications is Michael Farley. He has been teaching at the Penns Valley High School for four years and even student taught here the year previous. He teaches English classes, Media classes, Drama, Writing and Composition, and ESL. He is a great teacher who helps his students make creative work and let them enjoy the course. Mr. Farley says, “I enjoy teaching Media Class because it is very student-driven and students are able to create different and unique projects using technology.”

The senior high Media and Communications class is responsible for doing the morning announcements for each day. The different groups will film the announcements the day before so that they air the next day. Filming the announcements can be very fun, as we make intros and short segments for entertainment. Another cool part about being in media class is we have a website the Rambling Ram that you are reading this from. Here we post articles, news, and even the morning announcements. It is a great way to hear about news in Penns Valley from students who are a part of it. Another required and weekly thing is our PV Media Twitter page. On this account, we will tweet exciting things we are doing in class and other news. Lastly, in Media class, you make a lot of cool projects such as documentaries, movie reviews, movie trailers, news broadcasts and more. I learned a lot about technology and really loved making projects in this class. I highly recommend taking Media and Communications with Mr. Farley!