Let Seniors Cheer!

Don’t you think enough has been taken away from the seniors already? To those in power: Help give back by letting them cheer their classmates on at sporting events! Whats holding you back from letting us? Are you scared we aren’t gonna social distance? Are you worried about the spread of the virus? Well what if we met in the middle!

I believe that at least the seniors should be allowed to attend the sporting events as long as we are social distanced and follow all guidelines you may have. It is the last year we will be able to support our friends since we met them here at school! We will be able to be our goofy selves and have a good time watching the games while being around our classmates! People say that high school goes by way too fast, and they would do anything to go back. Give us one more thing to remember by letting us have a senior student section. Don’t let us sit at home thinking about the last couple years and how fun they were. Give us the chance to go support our friends and if we don’t follow the rules then you may take that privilege away.

I think that if we were to do two or three students per bench of bleachers we will be social distanced.We will also have to wear our masks even though we are outside just to be extra safe. All I’m asking is that you give us the chance to have a good time supporting our teams while celebrating our school one last year before we all go our separate ways. Don’t let our last memories of high school be about us sitting at home wishing we were at the games supporting our school.