Homecoming… COVID-19 Style


Homecoming Court 2019

Hailey Coursen

Homecoming is a staple experience at high schools across the United States. Crowning of the homecoming queen, spirit week, the homecoming football game, and homecoming dance are just a few of the events and activities that students have to look forward to when homecoming occurs. However, with Coronavirus cases on the rise across Pennsylvania, it is looking rather unlikely that homecoming will occur at Penns Valley, at least in the way that we are used to.

While a traditional homecoming complete with a parade and dance is out of the question and will most definitely not occur, other aspects of homecoming can still occur in a safe, COVID-19 friendly way.

For example, students can easily participate in spirit days throughout the homecoming week. Unlike pep rallies and various other social gatherings associated with homecoming, dressing up for spirit week does not involve gathering in large groups and is compliant with social distancing guidelines implemented by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Students can easily get their spirit fix by dressing up for various themes throughout the week while still preventing the spread of COVID… it’s a win-win!

Along with a spirit week, a homecoming court and crowning of homecoming queen can most definitely still occur. Although it is unlikely that the homecoming queen would be crowned at the homecoming football game as they have been in years past, the homecoming queen can be crowned over the loudspeaker or even announced on the District’s Facebook page. Although the situation is far from ideal, this years’ seniors still deserve the option to run for and ultimately be crowned homecoming queen, for they have already had so much taken away from them already. Luckily this is currently in the process of happening.

Specifics as to if Homecoming 2020 is to occur at Penns Valley still have not been released. However, it is very evident that a homecoming still can occur, even if it may not be in its traditional fashion.