Zoom and it’s Impact on Schools


As Covid-19 leads to quarantined cities and shut-down schools, Zoom has emerged as one of the leading tools to keep businesses up and running and students learning. With its very easy to use interface it works great for students and teachers of all ages.

The way to join classes is easy and very self-guided. All you need is a meeting ID and sometimes a password. Zoom has helped students and teachers in schools around the world keep teaching and to continue the school year with safety and somewhat ease.

Why put kids at risk of COVID-19 when there is an easier and safer way to function. Zoom allows students to join with teachers and communicate, unlike other live-stream services. Other schools gave their students the option of going back (with masks and other safety protocols) or stay home and zoom to still be able to engage in class. This allows those who are more cautious to still continue learning without risk of losing information or experience in the classroom.

The videoconferencing platform allows teachers to communicate with students and collaborate with colleagues virtually and in large groups all for free. Zoom has many tools that can be used in the online class. For example, the teacher can mute students while teaching a lesson which allows for no distractions. Students can also use backgrounds and different emojis to show they are there and ready to learn.

Many say that without Zoom, school may have been impossible to continue without going back to public school.